Slaves and Knife Fights

Posted by on Nov 8, 2011 in News


Slaves and Knife Fights in Cairo…

The production of Christchurch two-piece Cairo Knife Fight’s latest video was a lot of hard work, effort and above all, fun. We think that the result is some of our best work and belies the budget that was available to us.

Our brief was to create an impactful, memorable video that centres on a performance that emphasises the incredible talent that these two musicians have. Being a two piece this was going to be a challenge as normally in live performance there are two or three additional band members to focus on. With Cairo Knife Fight we just had Nick and Aaron to focus on.

We decided to take this challenge head on and use the fact that they were a two piece to create the interest, placing them in the biggest studio we could find and utilising a number of different lighting set ups, grades and an LED drape to juxtapose the band against the space and play with it throughout.

We like to think that this video had a little bit to do with the boys just being named as one of the opening acts for the Foo Fighters who come to NZ in December this year – but really the credit goes to Aaron and Nick, MeanBuzz.

You can see the finished film here.